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Cassandra Terra

The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar


I admit, it was the cover that first drew me to this book. Swords and a blimp? How cool is that? Turing it over and it advertised itself as, "STEAMPUNK! Alternate History! Reptilian Royalty! Diabolical Anarchist! Extraordinary Adventure!"

This has all the makings of an awesome read. And it is. If you like steampunk victorian england then this is a must read. Tidhar plays on all the classics from Shakespeare to Jules Verne and Sherlock. There are plot twists run amuck!

The Story is about a street kid named Orphan and his quest to save his lost love. He runs afoul with The Bookman, a very mysterious villain, who agrees to bring back is love IF he stops the Martian probe from being launched. Thus, sends Orphan to the other side of the world and he run in with pirates, reptilian aliens and a strange island.

The sequel, Camera Obscura, comes out April 26th!
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